Asset Verification and Reconciliation

Asset Tagging

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

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Our Preferred and Most Outstanding Qualities

We are reliable and focused on the needs of our customers and tailored our services to meet the specific requirement of our clients.
Unbending Commitment

At tovAzareel Ltd, we strive to develop a smooth relationship with our clients to better understand all their needs, provide excellent support for their projects from beginning to completion.

Best Quality

We provide best quality products and services without compromise.

Best Price

Our smooth partnership with industry giants gives us the edge to offer competitive service and price to our clients

We are dedicated to our customer and constantly provide the finest technology available. We assured our client of the following:
Best Customer Service

Our main goal is developing a long term partnership with our clients. Our client is our first priority and we do everything at our disposal to serve them very well..

Best Project Time Management

We set realistic deadlines to our project and we stick to it because we know time is most important tools in the world of business. We constantly and timely giving updates on the progress of project. .

Satisfactory Guaranteed

We are committed and dedicated to our project handling with our well motivated employees and the best technology. .

About Us

tovAzareel Limited

tovAzareel Ltd, a leading fixed assets management company (Verification and Tagging) in Nigeria, was established to advise and assist organizations in every fixed assets verification, asset reconciliation, asset tagging, asset tracking, asset management software and any fixed asset security problems. We do these with our sophisticated tamper proof label, void label, paint/grease resistant label, Supermark label and permanent asset identification markings, which are chemically etched directly on the assets. We also do Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) both Active and Passive inlay tags.
Our Vision
To become the Preferred and most outstanding Fixed Asset Management Company (Asset Verification and Tagging) in Nigeria.
Our Mission
As a Fixed Asset Professional: We will ensure that all fixed asset and related problems companies face are solved in tovAzareel Ltd with our world class solutions and technologies.