Asset Disposal

Asset disposal, also called de-recognition, is the removal of a long-term asset from a company's financial records. If there is a difference between disposal proceeds and carrying value, a disposal gain or loss occurs.

We have expertise to handle Asset Disposal of all types of properties including Plant & Machinery, Land & Buildings and other fixed assets for all purposes that are in Excess, Obsolete, Worn, Damaged and Scrap fixed assets.

  • Excess fixed assets are items that are no longer needed but are still serviceable or useable
  • Obsolete fixed assets are items that are no longer meet the bank specifications or requirements but are still serviceable or useable.
  • Worn fixed assets are items that may still be operable but require excessive maintenance or repair (cost, manpower) to remain in an operable condition.
Damaged fixed assets

Damaged fixed assets are items that are not operable due to damage or accident and would require excessive repair (cost, manpower) to return the asset to serviceable condition

Scrap fixed assets are items that no longer function, are unserviceable and have no market value except for their basic material content

For the purpose of these exercise, we would assist your firm to determine under which of the above the fixed assets to be disposed are classified. Disposal Method Sale of Fixed Assets Fixed assets will be sold whenever reasonable proceeds from such a process are anticipated. Sale and pricing methods will be subject to the approval of your management and may include direct negotiation, sealed bid invitation, spot bidding, fixed-price sale, public auction, or out-of-cycle sale. Sales will be conducted by Topgy in conjunction with representative of your firm. Trade-In Of Fixed Assets Fixed assets that are traded in or exchanged for a similar asset will be recorded as a sale (original asset) and acquisition through purchase (new asset) by your firm. Return to Supplier for Credit Excess or obsolete fixed assets or controlled items may be returned, if possible, to the vendor from whom they were originally purchased. Scrap Fixed assets that are found to be damaged, destroyed, or in any other way having no recoverable value will be accumulated and disposed of in accordance with existing scrap metal/refuse contracts policy of your firm.